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Be humble, it won't cost you...

Hi there, Peanuts!


it might have occurred to you that every month, we were all going nuts about linking in general, and KiwiO in particular, checking the site to know who's gone down and who rules the fucking place... Or maybe you've just come back from a 10 years trip to Mars?

Well, as I was going through the web, googlin' and bingin', I found out about another ranking (no, not PageRank, I'm not that dumb): Alexa.

OK, I'm 10 years late, too...

Alexa ranks websites all over the world, just as KiwiO does for french-speaking web-logs, and gives you thorough analysis (on traffic stats, for instance) regarding the site or blog you're reading (once you've downloaded its toolbar, of course)... Don't start throwing knives at me, Alexa is just like KiwiO to me... on a larger scale...

Want examples?

Let's start with me (and my weblog :D): I'm proud (I might as well face it :D) to be n°178 in the KiwiO ranking... Using the Alexa toolbar now, I know that I'm n°8,347,307 ... Let's see where n°1 in one KiwiO category is in Alexa ranking: 148,475... As for the web-logs hosted by Canalblog, the ones I've checked are not ranked individually: they all share Canalblog's rank (1084)... same story with H&F (15999), O-B (402), Blogger (8!!!) ... so far...


So moving from a french 178th place to the bottom of the Mariana Trench of global ranking, I've decided to start writing in a more widely used language. Sometimes. Starting today. In case you hadn't noticed.

Being humble doesn't cost a thing... being so far from n°1 tends to hurt my feelings... ;)


ps: it's a little hard to focus while two of my offsprings are yelling and refusing to go to sleep... I'm SO looking forward to spending a whole week with them all in a 35m² cabin... yummy!