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Is England ma tasse de thé?

Interesting question, Captain.


When I was a child, England didn't exist.

No, really. I wasn't aware of its presence on this planet until I saw an Antenne 2 coverage of the Punk "movement" in London. Evening news. Just before going to bed. I was 8.


The next morning (or maybe a couple of weeks later... I'm not getting any younger and neither are my neurons...) I started bossing my mother around to get a "punk hairdo", which, in my mind, was this:

Sid V.jpg

Swell, isn't it? My mother had absolutely no idea of what I was talking about, but she took me to our hairdresser's. The old man, luckily, found a picture of a bloke with spiky hair in his newspaper. And I ended up looking like an 8 year old Sid. Except for the clothes. And I had no color in my hair: my mother had refused to dye it... never mind (the bollocks... so easy :D), I grabbed gold glitter from a game called Mako Bougies (remember this one?) and spread it on my head. When I woke up the next day, the glitter was still there and my skin had turned green. It stayed this way for about a week. I loved it! I was soooo proud!


Next thing I know, I'm 17. I've booked a room for 2 weeks in an all-girl hostel in Kensigton (punk and snob) after running trying to run away from home (and making a deal with my mother). I can't get out after 11pm and they're keeping my passport in a safe. But I can buy beer in the daytime: I look much older than I am, that's why. I feed myself on crisps and Cadbury's bars. I hang around all day. Visit museums. Buy records and clothes. Put on 10kg. Shave my head. On the sides. (Those who have seen my msn profile picture know what I'm talking about).


And I returned home.



Yes, England is my tasse de thé (since they have expresso machines, that is :D)... I've been there again since, with my ex-boyfriend, with my husband, with my best friend, mostly for week ends... I love shopping in London (don't even mention Glasgow... I know, Glasgow is in Scotland... I know... I know...)... I'm dying to visit Cornwalls, Wales and tour Scotland again (and again, and again, and again...)... But until this is happening, I could use a little of this:

Scottish raspberry jam.jpg

aaahhh! Blairgowrie... Peter Pan... ;-)